Dancers in platform boots may need bunion splints

Shoes returns to London's West End

Dancers in platform bootsAfter last year's successful run of Richard Thomas's musical Shoes, the show has returned to the Sadler's Wells theatre and will go on until April.

The show features 12 dancers - who perform a tap number wearing platform boots - four singers and a live band. The musical opens with the line, "If you don't like shoes, it's going to be a very long evening."

Last season, a review from newspaper The Telegraph called the show "light-hearted entertainment" and recommended it as great girl's night out entertainment.

Choreographed by Stephen Mear, the dance numbers put quite a toll on the cast of dancers as they conduct their fancy footwork wearing a variety of shoes that would be hard for the average person to walk in, let alone dance.

Bunion splints relieve foot stress after dancing

By the end of this season, those 12 dancers may be experiencing bunions and hammer toes due to the physical stress put on their feet from dancing in high heels. However, with help from bunion splints or orthotics - which are recommended by many podiatrists - they may be able to jump into their next project without the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery 

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