Pregnancy can lead to foot problems

Jessica Alba announces second pregnancy

Jessica Alba anounces pregnancyActress Jessica Alba has announced through her Facebook page that she and husband Cash Warren are expecting their second baby.

During Alba's first pregnancy with daughter Honor, 2, she glowed on the red carpet in empire waist gowns, showing off her natural flair for fashion even when in the late stages of her pregnancy.

With the Oscars and other award ceremonies coming up, Alba is likely to be walking the red carpet wearing her usual eye-catching pumps. However, she should keep in mind that bunions are a common problem among pregnant women, and wearing towering heels or wedges can make this condition worse, and result in hammer toe or severe foot pain.

Arch support and bunion splints prevent foot problems

Fortunately, Alba can still dust off her Manolo Blahniks for special occasions without fearing painful bunion surgery as the use of bunion splints or orthotics to prevent or correct these conditions has been recommended by many podiatrists.

Additionally, poor arch support can lead to foot problems in both pregnant women and other pump-wearers. Orthopedic shoes and arch supports can help alleviate these issues without the need for more serious intervention.  

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