Exercises that may speed up healing after bunion surgery

Bunion splint after surgery spurs exercise

Exercise after bunion surgeryHealing after bunion surgery is a long process since the area that has been operated on is integral to foot and ankle movement, making proper strength and alignment important to getting back on your feet.

In addition to wearing bunion splints or orthotics following bunion surgery, patients can engage in exercises to encourage proper healing. Livestrong.com shares some tips.

After your doctor says it's okay to begin exercising the foot, begin with manipulation exercises. Hold the big toe above the joint with the thumb and forefinger. Below the joint, grasp the foot with your other hand and gently move the toe up and down for three to five seconds at a time to help regain movement.

In order to maintain ankle flexibility, hold your leg out and imagine writing the letters of the alphabet on the wall in front of you, pointing with your big toe.

Try sitting with your legs out in front of you and looping a resistance band around the affected foot, tightening the band by wrapping the ends around your hand. Move your foot while gently pulling on the band to encourage strengthening. Stop this exercise if pain occurs.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that post-surgery exercises may help an individual reach a full range of motion, but that any regimens should be started gradually. Take it slow, and when you're ready, begin walking again - perhaps with the aid of crutches - until you regain mobility.

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