Eliminate foot conditions for pretty spring feet

Getting rid of yellow toenails, bunions and fungus

Spring_brings_sandalsIn an article on the Huffington Post's style blog, podiatrist Steve Rosenberg gives his tips to help ladies sport summer sandals and open-toed shoes without the embarrassment of yellow toenails, bunions and fungus.

Yellow toenails may be the effect of using public showers, pools, locker rooms or pedicure tubs. It may start out as a small discoloration, but will quickly spread to affect the entire toenail. In order to avoid this, Rosenberg suggests wearing shower flip-flops, making sure basins are sterilized before getting a pedicure and always drying in between toes.

Over-the-counter and prescription medications may be effective in killing the fungus that causes yellow toenails.

Open-toed shoes may be an obstacle for those who need extra arch support. Unfortunately, improper support may lead to conditions like fallen arches, bunions or hammer toe. Rosenberg recommends wearing arch supports whenever possible to help avoid these problems.

Wear bunion splint after wearing sandals

When issues like fallen arches, bunions or hammer toe do arise but giving up strappy sandals is not an option, individuals may be able to correct these conditions with bunion splints or orthotics worn at night or while lounging at home. 

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