Stylish shoes in larger sizes may avoid foot problems

WNBA player comes out with a line of stylish shoes for sizes 10.5 and over

Larger shoes avoid foot painConnecticut Sun player Ashja Jones told The Atlanta Post that she will release a line of shoes this fall for women sizes 10.5 and over, after noticing a long-standing deficit of stylish shoes in larger sizes.

The basketball star said shoes have always been a passion of hers, but that footwear in her size - especially pumps and high heels - rarely suited her tastes.

“You have a lot of players squeezing their feet into shoes that are too small and wearing whatever they can find,” Jones told the news source.

Her first collection will consist of mostly high heels, but Jones plans to later expand her brand to include flats, boots and athletic footwear.

Bunion splint helps avoid bunions and hammer toe

Jones' love for shoes and the game may put her at an increased risk for developing bunions or hammer toes. Bunions may arise as a result of ill-fitting shoes, intense athletic activity or wearing high heels regularly, as the narrow toe and elevated heel may cause bone deformity or inflammation.

However, Jones may not have to take time out of her busy schedule as an athlete and an entrepreneur should she develop bunions or hammer toe, as many podiatrists say the conditions may be prevented or alleviated with bunion splints or orthotics.


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