Creative footwear can cause bunions

Alexander Wang presents some creative footwear at Fashion Week

Alexander Wang footwearDesigner Alexander Wang has become a big name in the fashion industry since First Lady Michelle Obama made it known that his creations were among her favorites, and wore one of his gowns to the Inauguration Ball.

Recently, at New York Fashion Week, the designer presented a line of shoes that may be a little too daring for Mrs. Obama, unless she happens to be into mud flaps this season.

Wang's high-heeled sandals appeared to be very minimalist from the front, consisting of thin, metallic straps over the toe and ankle. But from the rear view, flaps of leather draped from the ankle down to the bottom of the stiletto heel, making for a haute couture mud flap.

Some more wearable footwear came in the form of glossy, metallic loafers with thick, towering heels and tassels. These were presented in ruby, sapphire, rose gold and platinum shades.

Bunion splint helps relieve foot pain

Wearing these shoes will surely draw attention - whether good or bad - but it may also cause bunions, hammer toes or foot pain. Individuals who wear high heels are often susceptible to these conditions but may not have to endure painful, expensive bunion surgery as bunion splints or orthotics could be effective in preventing or treating them. 

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