Baseball player retires due to foot pain

Foot pain causes baseball player Jim Edmonds to retire

Baseball and foot painJim Edmonds, center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, recently announced his retirement from the Major League Baseball (MLB) due to persistent foot pain, according to website

The 40-year-old said his foot injury has not responded to treatment and he didn't want to risk further contusions or potentially permanent damage.

"Although I feel I can still play and contribute, the risk of permanent injury is too much for me to chance," Edmonds said in a statement.

Edmonds enjoyed a rich career in the MLB, also playing for San Diego, the Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee and Cincinnati. He was fourth on the Cardinal's home run list and had a .284 career batting average.

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) recommends well-fitting cleats to prevent foot injuries in baseball. It also reports that a common foot problem among baseball players is fallen arches, or plantar faciitis.

Mid-foot arch support prevents foot pain

Players may be able to prevent or treat fallen arches with orthotics or braces, like those offered by Alpha Orthotics. The company's Medial Mid-foot Brace may be the perfect solution to stressed arches in individuals who play baseball.  

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