Sarah Palin may suffer from foot pain

Sarah Palin's leopard-print shoes make headlines

Sarah Palin may have foot painAlaskan politician Sarah Palin recently attended an annual meeting of the Long Island Association and once again stirred up controversy - but not because of anything she said.

Instead, the audience - and the Huffington Post - focused on her towering, strappy animal-print shoes. A subsequent HuffPo poll revealed that almost 80 percent of readers found Palin's shoes inappropriate for the occasion.

The former governor of Alaska can't seem to escape criticism regarding her politics and her style of speaking, and those fancy shoes may lead to even more problems: bunions or hammer toe.

Given her flair for high-heeled shoes and obligations for public speaking, Palin may be facing some major foot pain in her future. The busy mother of five likely doesn't have the time to take off for painful, expensive bunion surgery that can take weeks to heal.

She may finally have some luck, however, as many podiatrists say that bunion splints or orthotics can be useful in preventing or treating conditions like bunion or hammer toe. 

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