Simple tips for runners to avoid foot pain

Prevent running injuries with some simple tips

Simple tips for runnersAs winter winds down and the snow and ice begin to melt, runners who have been dormant throughout the snowy months may get the itch to dust off their sneakers and head out for a jog.

The American Podiatric Medical Association offers some tips and suggestions to help runners avoid foot pain, injury and fallen arches.

Choosing a comfortable, well-fitting pair of shoes is the first step. Don't be afraid to try on several pairs, and if you know foot pain is a problem, consult a podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine.

Socks made from a poly-cotton blend work well at wicking away sweat and moisture, which may help individuals avoid odor or fungus.

Remember the importance of preparing the body for a run with about 15 minutes of stretching beforehand. Likewise, your heart and legs deserve a chance to cool down for about 10 minutes before ending a jog.

Bunion splints helps avoid bunions among runners

Experts at Alpha Orthotics recommend wearing a Bunion Aid splint after each run to help prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe. This may help redistribute pressure away from the big toe, where bunions typically form.

The APMA says that if an individual is a serious runner, it's a good idea to visit a podiatrist on a regular basis to avoid injuries and treat conditions early on. 

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