Trendy ballet flats lead to foot pain

Ballet flats may be big trend for spring 

Ballet flats lead to foot painAn article on the Daily Mail's website says that the movie Black Swan has inspired a new wave of ballet flat-wearers, while the UK shop Peacocks has reported that their flats are outselling high heels this season.

This could mean that we'll be seeing a lot of feminine, dance-inspired footwear on the streets this spring, but does it mean that these stylish ladies will be any more comfortable?

"Professional dancers are no strangers to the perils of ballet shoes, which offer the feet little cushioning, leaving the lower leg and foot to absorb the full impact of movement," Lorraine Jones, of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, told the Daily Mail.

Poor arch support and inadequate cushioning can lead to more than foot pain. These conditions can cause fallen arches, or plantar faciitis, which occurs when the arch becomes overstretched, overused and inflamed.

Mid-foot arch support prevents fallen arches

In addition to heel stretching exercises and wearing orthotics to support the arch, individuals may be successful in preventing or treating fallen arches with mid-foot braces to avoid painful steroid injections or surgery. 

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