Tips on healing after bunion surgery

Bunion splint helps the healing process

Tips on healing bunion surgeryWhen bunions get severe enough to warrant surgery, the operation may be the only option. However, patients should be aware that recovery may take up to eight weeks and there are some precautions that need to be taken in order to heal properly.

An article on outlines the care that individuals will need after surgery.

Bunion surgery patients will require post-operative follow-up with their doctor to be sure the metatarsal bone is healing in alignment, according to the source. Additionally, the healthcare provider will check for infections and make sure bandages and dressings are clean and dry.

Signs of infection include fever, chills and abnormal temperature sensation in the affected foot. Also, individuals should see their doctor if they experience worsening pain or a swollen calf, Livestrong warns.

In the days following the operation, patients should keep the affected foot elevated when possible, and ice it when necessary. Individuals should stay off their feet for three to five days, and use a walker or crutches when they need to walk.

Maintain toe alignment with bunion splint

Additionally, some podiatrist recommend wearing a bunion splint or orthotic after bunion surgery to make sure bones heal in the correct position. The devices may also be used as preventative measures to avoid the operation in the first place. 

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