Oprah's shoe intervention may lead to bunions

Oprah and her style mavens ignore threat of bunions for style-sake

Oprah ignored bunion-inducing heelsOn Oprah Winfrey's website, Oprah.com, the talk show host takes women with a less-than-stylish sense of footwear and convinces them that bunion-inducing heels are the way to go.

For instance, the leopard print-loving Kathleen was sporting some ill-fitting clogs before Oprah and her team of style mavens matched her with some animal print peep-toes embellished with patent leather.

Mary made the mistake of wearing square-toed "grandma shoes," and was subsequently recommended a pair of snakeskin Giuseppe Zanotti heels to make her look more sophisticated.

Gwen will never wear her flats featuring leather-crafted pig faces on the toes to the office again after Oprah's team provided her with some Stuart Weitzman high-heeled ankle boots.

The style team replaced Michelle's sensible leather mules with towering Fitzwell Gesture leather knee-high boots to elongate her legs.

While the queen of daytime television certainly meant well with her style interventions, her recommendations may cause these women to develop foot conditions like bunions or hammer toe.

Wear bunion splint after bunion-inducing heels

The elevated heel and narrow toe of the shoes have been known to cause or exacerbate these unsightly conditions, which Oprah herself has admitted to having. Fortunately, bunion splints or orthotics may provide relief without the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery

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