Designer shoes for Payless may lead to bunions

Isabel Toledo debuts third footwear line for Payless

Isabel Toledo designer of Payless shoesCuban-born designer Isabel Toledo has had her creations featured in Vogue and Harper's Baazar and worn by First Lady Michelle Obama. Now, in an effort to become more accessible to those who cannot afford couture prices she will present another line of stylish shoes for Payless.

Toldeo's spring collection will include wedges, sandals, kitten heels and flats done in mesh as well as bright, colorful stripes and prints reminiscent of the French Riviera.

Prices for Payless designer lines start at $35, making them an affordable spring accessory for those looking to add some color and uniqueness to their wardrobe.

The company will release other lines this spring too, which will include espadrilles, jewel-embellished flats, ankle-strap sandals, sneakers and the newly emerging "shootie," a cross between a shoe and an ankle boot.

Footwear enthusiasts will be able to stock up on the latest trends without spending a lot of money, but such heels and wedges may lead to bunions, hammer toe or foot pain.

Bunion splints help prevent bunions 

In order to keep feet looking pretty and avoid painful, expensive bunion surgery, fashionistas may be able to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe by using bunion splints or orthotics to help mitigate the conditions.  

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