L.A. Angels hindered by foot pain

Morales not able to play due to foot pain 

LA Angels player out with foot painFirst baseman Kendrys Morales will remain off the baseball field due to persisting pain in the ball of his left foot, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Morales had already been taking time off since last May due to a broken leg, and now it appears that his leave will be extended because of the unrelated inflammation in his foot.

"He's still working through some flexibility issues with his ankle and foot, and until those are resolved he can't move forward," General Manager Tony Reagins told the news source.

His foot pain may be due to ill-fitting cleats, according to the Times. He began feeling it at a game in mid-March and the discomfort made it difficult for him to round the bases effectively.

Livestrong.com reports that bunions and hammer toe are common among baseball players due to repeated sudden stops, running and sliding. Additionally, poorly fitted shoes have been known to lead to the foot conditions.

Wearing splints after play may prevent bunions

If a bunion is what is keeping Morales off the field, he may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics to correct them, which may help him avoid painful bunion surgery.

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