Foot pain from heel spurs may be easily treated

Proper arch support for runners is critical

Arch support relieves foot painRunners who endure foot pain stemming from heel spurs, which are calcium deposits that form on the heel, may be able to alleviate their inflammation and discomfort with a few simple changes and non-invasive treatments, according to an article on

First, those who enjoy regular jogs should be sure to wear proper athletic shoes that are not worn out. Insufficient padding and arch support may lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis, which is one of the causes of heel spurs.

Inflammation also exacerbates the deformations, so proper cushioning that absorbs the repeated shock of running may help alleviate pain and possibly prevent spurs from forming. The source states that brands like New Balance and Brooks offer good quality shoes for runners.

Splint with arch support relieves foot pain

Stretching, taking anti-inflammatory medication, icing and padding the heel may help correct heel spurs. Additionally, wearing a splint

overnight may also be effective in helping the foot heal.

According to WebMD, heel spurs may cause calluses or corns if left untreated. The source recommends visiting a podiatrist if foot pain from the condition persists. 


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