Shoe obsession causing more than foot pain

Wearing high heels can lead to bunions

Shoe obsession and foot painIn article on the MSNBC website, two women are interviewed about their love of shoes in light of a recent survey that revealed that an estimated one in seven women hide expensive footwear purchases from their significant others.

The women likened a good pair of shoes to chocolate, an attractive man and mood therapy and had no shame in their obsession.

Tampa resident Sharon Britton estimated that she has nearly 60 pairs of shoes in her closet, but don't ask her to choose her most beloved.

"These wonderful, golden, glittery, five-inch Steve Madden formal heels with a zipper up the back...but I can't pick a favorite. I love Michael Kors, Juicy, Vince Camuto, Mark Nason boots," Britton told the news source.

Statistics that accompany the article reflect that some consumers spend an estimated $10,000 annually at popular online shoe store

WebMD reports that regularly wearing high heels may lead to painful, unsightly conditions like bunions or hammer toe.

These women may not need to endure painful bunion surgery, though, since bunion splints and orthotics have been shown to be effective in preventing or treating these conditions. 

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