Dancers may correct bunions upon retirement

Ballerina retires after 21 years

Bunions common among has reported that Martha Chamberlain, principal dancer for the Pennsylvania Ballet, will retire at the age of 39 after a long, illustrious career.

Chamberlain will stay involved with the company as a teacher and expanding on her line of dancewear and leotards, which she designs and handcrafts herself.

She told the reporter that it was time to move on after spending more than two decades as a professional ballerina.

"I didn't want to be 40 and dancing," Chamberlain said, quoted by the news source.

Her last dance with the Pennsylvania Ballet will be a tribute to George Gershwin, in George Balanchine's production of Who Cares?

Dancers who have been in the game for as long as Chamberlain may be experiencing bunions or hammer toe due to the stress ballerinas tend to put on their feet. Pointe shoes alone are enough to cause foot pain, let alone when combined with strenuous toe stands.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine reports that bunions are a common condition in dancers, especially those who choose ballet.

Bunion splints are proven to correct bunions

Luckily, Chamberlain may be able to correct any bunions or foot conditions she may have developed during her career and enjoy her retirement without the hassle of painful bunion surgery. Many podiatrists recommend the use of bunion splints or orthotics to treat bunions and hammer toe.  

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