Natalie Portman and ballerinas at high risk for foot problems

Mom-to-be Natalie Portman glows on Oscars red carpet

Natalie Portman at OscarsThis year has been a good one for actress Natalie Portman, as evidenced by the bountiful belly she sported at the 2011 Oscars and the golden statuette she took home for her performance in Black Swan.

Portman teared up as she accepted her award for best actress, and thanked the movie's choreographer and the father of her unborn child, Benjamin Millepied.

While she has told news sources about how her role as a tortured ballerina nearly drove her to the edge, physically and mentally, it seems to have been all worth it to Portman as she took home her first Oscar.

Portman wore strappy aubergine heels to match her gown, which looked beautiful yet painful on the pregnant star. Combined with the intense dance lessons she endured for Black Swan, the shoes may have been causing her some serious foot pain.

Additionally, ballerinas as well as individuals who regularly wear high heels are at high risk for developing bunions or hammer toe.

Portman may be in luck if she develops these conditions, as many podiatrists recommend using bunion splints or orthotics to correct bunions or hammer toe, meaning she won't need to spend time away from her new baby for painful bunion surgery

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