Designers for Kate Middleton need to focus on foot health

Designers sketch out possibilities for Kate Middleton's wedding shoes

Wedding shoes for Kate MiddletonFootwear News, a subsidary publication of Women's Wear Daily, asked several designers to come up with shoes fit for a princess in anticipation of what Kate Middleton might wear at her wedding to Prince William.

Manolo Blahnik, Giuseppe Zanotti, Rene Caovilla, Cesare Casadei and Georgina Goodman all sketched out possible footwear for Middleton, ranging from light and feathery to regal and gothic.

Blahnik envisioned an ivory silk pump embellished with lillies of the valley and sea pearls. Zanotti went for black satin with a diamond-lined sapphire in the center of the t-strap. Casadei also thought jewels were appropriate, but in a more feminine way with clear crystals and pink satin. Goodman chose something both young but with a classic twist to mirror Middleton's personality and Caovilla's design featured maribou feathers and crystals.

It appears that no matter what the style, Middleton is almost sure to choose something with a bit of a heel. Considering that she's going to need to stay nimble and active as the future queen of England, she may want to take some precautions now to prevent bunion and hammer toe, conditions that may be caused by wearing high heels.

Many podiatrists recommend bunion splints or orthotics to prevent or correct painful foot conditions and help individuals avoid inconvenient bunion surgery.

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