Foot pain by dancer sparks lawsuit

Flying stripper shoe sparks lawsuit in Indiana

Dancer shoes cause foot painWhen 34-year-old Jake Quagliaroli attended Indiana exotic dancing club PT's Showclub on a recent evening, he probably didn't expect that it would result in a chipped tooth and a lawsuit. reports that Quagliaroli is now suing the club after one of the dancer's shoes flew off her foot and hit him in the mouth, resulting in what he claims are serious dental injuries.

The man is alleging negligence and battery in the lawsuit and will let the jury decide the monetary damages.

The cause of the flying shoe is unknown, but many times when shoes go rogue, it is the result of improper fit. The towering Lucite heels sometimes worn by exotic dancers may cause enough foot pain without the added dangers of ill-fitting shoes. The two factors combined may lead to even more problems for the strip club: bunions and hammer toe.

Dancers relieve foot pain with bunion splints

Luckily, these ladies may not need to take time off from dancing due to painful, expensive bunion surgery as podiatrists say that bunion splints or orthotics may be effective in preventing and treating bunion and hammer toe.  

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