Self-assessment tool of bunions now available

Alpha Orthotics offers tool for self-assessment of bunion severity 

The Manchester scale has long been used by doctors and podiatrists to help diagnose bunion severity, but a new study shows that the tool is easy enough for patients to use at home.

As a result, Alpha Orthotics has come out with printable, life-sized images on its website that individuals can use to determine the severity of their bunions and help them choose an appropriate bunion splint or orthotic.

"The key advantages of the Manchester scale are that the photographs represent real cases of hallux valgus selected by a consensus panel of podiatrists to represent the full spectrum of the deformity," said Hylton B Menz, co-author of the National Institutes of Health study.

Bunion severity is assessed on a scale of one to four: One being no deformity and four being an advanced deformation.

Early detection of bunions helps avoid bunion surgery

Offering such a scale to the general public is important since early detection of bunions or hammer toe may help individuals avoid painful bunion surgery by using corrective devices like bunion splints or orthotics. Alpha Orthotics offers a range of products like a hinged splint and a medial mid-foot brace.


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