Foot pain reported among workers

Occupations that require standing up result in foot problems

Footwear for workersThe American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has reported that 44 percent of respondents in a foot ailment survey complained of occupations that required them to be on their feet for at least four hours per day. Moreover, 78 percent had foot pain or conditions stemming from poorly constructed or fitted shoes.

As a result, the APMA has come out with footwear recommendations for people who work on their feet - like doctors, nurses, hair dressers, waitresses and factory workers.

"The excess strain put on the legs and feet of those standing for long periods of time can take a massive toll on the body—especially for those working in the healthcare community," said APMA President Ronald Jensen, DPM.

Work shoes made by Crocs, Dansko and Timberland all made the APMA's list. All have closed toes, solid arch support and are specially designed for individuals who work on their feet.

Bunion splints prevent foot pain

Employees who have already developed bunions, hammer toe or foot pain as a result of their occupation may want to supplement a good pair of shoes with bunion splints or orthotics. Many podiatrists recommend these devices as a way to treat and prevent bunions or hammer toe while avoiding painful, expensive bunion surgery


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