Bunions are common among runners

Excessive running may lead to knee, foot pain

When individuals run to the point of exhaustion, it has the potential to lead to injury since fatigue changes the way a runner's body moves, according to researchers at Indiana University.

Repeated action makes it difficult for muscles, ligaments and tendons to function properly and cope with the strain of extended, uncontrolled range of motion that occurs in the joints when a runner has passed their point of efficiency.

"When you notice fatigue, you're most likely putting yourself at increased risk for injuries if you continue because it's more difficult to control the motion ranges," said Tracy Dierks, lead researcher.

Stressed lower extremities can lead to a knee condition known as iliotibial band syndrome and plantar fasciitis, or fallen arches. Study author said strain may also cause a "complete breakdown of mechanics" in the back of the foot.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine reports that bunions are also a common condition in runners.

 Bunion splints help prevent bunions

The good news is that marathon runners may not need to endure foot or bunion surgery since bunion splints and orthotics have been shown to prevent or treat these conditions without the need for an invasive treatment. 


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