Pregnant women at risk of bunions

Not one of the joys of motherhood: Foot pain

The fluctuating hormones, added weight and retained fluid that occur during pregnancy can affect a woman from her head to her toes.

According to an article on, severe foot swelling and plantar faciitis are common in pregnant women, but the conditions and pain may be difficult to treat as certain drugs may be harmful to the fetus.

"No one really wants to give a pregnant woman any meds during these stages," said podiatrist John Viscovich, quoted by the source.

Exercises to increase blood flow to the legs and feet as well as ease the pain of fallen arches may be helpful remedies. Additionally, walking, lying on the side and keeping feet elevated may all promote healthy blood flow.

Viscovish also recommended that women choose shoes with adequate arch support and avoid wearing high heels, as they may lead to falls or sprained ankles. says that pregnant women are also at risk for bunions and hammer toe due to the added weight and pressure. The source advises toe stretches and orthotics to help prevent or correct the painful, unsightly condition.

Bunion splints prevent bunions

Fortunately, women who develop foot pain, bunions or hammer toe as a result of pregnancy may not need to endure painful bunion surgery since bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to prevent or treat these conditions. 


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