Bunion splints offer relief without surgery

Bunion splints help avoid bunion surgery

Bunion Aid bunion splintAn article on Livestrong.com lists the benefits of using bunion splints to correct the bumpy foot condition while avoiding bunion surgery.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that risks associated with bunion surgery include infection, recurring deformities, nerve damage and more foot pain.

Using splints may afford an individual the freedom to walk while correcting their bunions. Since the devices encourage proper foot landing and stabilization, they promote flexibility in the affected big toe while placing less strain on the other toes.

Early devices were meant to help individuals heal after bunion surgery since they kept the big toe from moving. Soon, podiatrists and doctors realized that the splints had the ability to help patients forgo operations altogether as they corrected the foot deformity.

Wearing bunion splints to bed may help the big toe's tendons and muscles elongate. However, best results are gained when night splints are worn in conjunction with daytime splints.

Regardless of whether an individual has wide or narrow feet, and independent of which foot is affected, bunion splints should fit. They are designed to be adjustable to suit every person and degree of deformity. 

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