Hip exercises may relieve pain in runners

 Hip exercises may relieve pain in runners 

Hip exercises may relieve pain in runners Individuals who regularly run may suffer from a number of conditions as a result of the high-impact activity - from bunions to shin splints to knee pain. 

Fortunately, researchers at Indiana University may have found a new non-invasive method of relief for one of those problems, as a series of hip exercises has been shown to alleviate knee pain in runners.

Based on the idea that stronger hips may improve positioning while running, the team of scientists had a group of injured runners practice a series of hip exercises for six weeks. They found that those who strengthened their hips experienced significantly reduced knee pain when compared to a control group.

Results of the study suggest that pains and conditions that often arise in runners may be treated without the use of surgery or invasive treatments. Oftentimes, surgery can force athletes to take time off from their sport for recovery.

Runners suffering from bunions, hammer toe or fallen arches may be able to alleviate these problems with the use of bunion splints or orthotics. Podiatrists report that these devices may be useful in preventing or treating foot conditions without the need for painful foot or bunion surgery.  

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