Foot surgery to fit into Jimmy Choos

Teen undergoes painful foot surgery to fit into her Jimmy Choos 

Foot surgeryThe Daily Mail has reported that UK teen Hannah Bailey had a surgery - in which four of her foot bones were broken and screwed back together - to make her feet narrower so she would be more comfortable wearing her designer high heels. 

The operation cost an equivalent of $8,100 for one foot. Bailey allegedly lied to her doctor in order to have the foot surgery covered by National Health Service, the UK's state-run insurer, according to the news source.

"I don’t feel guilty about getting my feet done on the NHS. My foot still hurts every now and then, I get shooting pains and sometimes swelling, but it’s been worth it. Now, I’m happy with my feet and I only wear designer shoes," Bailey said, quoted by The Daily Mail.

The teen has plans to have the same operation done to her other foot, even though the operation left her with unsightly scars, resembling those that might be left after bunion surgery.

WebMD reports that risks of foot surgery include infection, loss or alteration of movement, pain and swelling.

Bailey may find in the future that her decision to have painful foot surgery in order to fit into high heels was an ironic one, considering that such footwear has been known to cause bunions and hammer toe. However, she may be able to prevent further surgeries since many podiatrists say bunion splints or orthotics may be effective in treating and preventing bunions or hammer toe.  


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