Cosmetic bunion surgery a trend

 Cosmetic bunion surgery becomes a trend - but doctors disapprove

Cosmetic bunion sugeryAn article on, a West Palm Beach affiliate of ABC, reports on a growing trend of women going under the knife to correct unsightly conditions like bunions, hammer toe and long second toes.

The women living in the warm Florida climate have reason to be vain about their feet, as they likely spend much of their time in sandals, but doctors warn against unnecessary bunion surgery due to the complications that may arise from the operations.

Long healing time, risk of infection and possible nerve damage - which could lead to hindered movement and feeling - are among the risks listed by podiatrists.

“You're taking for granted a part of your body that is sophisticated. It's a highly engineered function, and you are playing Russian roulette with it,” said Joseph Uricchio, an orthopaedic surgeon in Winter Park, Florida, quoted by the news source.

The article notes that elective foot surgery can cost as much as $5,000.

WebMD reports that bunion surgery may take as long as six weeks to recover from, and that an estimated one-third of patients report dissatisfaction post-surgery.

An inexpensive and less invasive option includes bunion splints or orthotics, which many podiatrists recommend to correct and prevent bunions or hammer toe in an effort to avoid painful bunion surgery.  


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