Post-surgery pain therapy found inadequate

 Research finds post-surgery pain therapy to be inadequate

post surgery foot painIn a study of about 3,250 patients in 25 medical centers, researchers discovered that the majority of the individuals may have suffered more pain after surgery than necessary. 

Whether bunion surgery or an open-heart operation, the study participants reported moderate to unbearable pain.

About 33 percent of the patients reported moderate to severe pain while resting, and more than half reported the same intensity when they moved.

Moreover, a total of 56 percent of the patients said their pain was unbearable and 55 percent were not satisfied with the pain therapy they received while in the hospital.

Luckily, those suffering from foot pain may not need to endure expensive bunion surgery, which can take weeks to recover from and cause further discomfort.

Conditions like bunions and hammer toe may be prevented or corrected with the use of bunion splints or orthotics designed to reverse the bone deformities. Many podiatrists recommend these devices as a non-invasive way to treat bunions or hammer toe.

The study was conducted by researchers at Bochum University Hospital in Germany as part of the Pain-Free Hospital Project.  

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