Foot pain may throw off a golfer's swing

 Foot pain may throw off a golfer's swing

Foot pain in golfersPodiatrist Scott Woodburn, of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, told the American Institute of Physics that a common complaint from golfers is foot pain and fallen arches, conditions that are not only uncomfortable but can throw off their game.

A powerful swing requires a solid stance, but the repeated rolling action that happens to the foot on the follow-through of a stroke can cause damage to the arches and big toe.

"Most people know a disruptive follow-through causes the ball to go one way or another, instead of straight," Woodburn said.

He added that conservative care like physical therapy, icing and the use of arch supports or orthotics may help to correct fallen arches and foot pain, and help golfers get back on the green.

Alpha Orthotics offers the Medial Mid-foot Brace that is meant to support the arch when plantar faciitis arises. Additionally, if an athlete develops bunions or hammer toe as a result of repeated action, the company offers bunion splintsand orthotics to help prevent or correct such conditions


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