Peep-toed platforms big at 2011 Oscars

 Peep-toed platforms big at 2011 Oscars

Platform shoe mean bunions at the OscarsHollywood's elite walked stylishly down the red carpet Sunday for the movie industry's biggest night of the year: the Oscars. 

Most of the actresses wore full-length gowns, which fit perfectly with the regal mood of the evening. But when a foot happened to peek out from under the glamorous sheaths, it appeared that peep-toed platform heels were the official shoe of the 2011 gala.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Hailee Steinfeld chose simple gold-hued footwear. The Fighter's Melissa Leo also went for the gold, and threw in some snakeskin texture and a t-strap. Nicole Kidman offeset her cream-colored beaded gown with some stand-out tangerine shoes.

Elsewhere, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, Taylor Swift matched her gold beaded mini-dress with some glistening, gilded heels and Zoe Saldana went for magenta satin.

While these ladies certainly looked the part for the night, the towering heels they wore have been known to cause bunions or hammer toe, which may throw a wrench into future plans to wear peep-toes, as theses conditions can be unsightly.

These ladies may not need to take time off from the silver screen for painful bunion surgery as many orthopedists recommend using bunion splints or orthotics to correct the foot conditions.  


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