Bunion Splint corrects hallux valgus

Bunion Splint considerably corrects hallux valgus

Munich, 4 March 2008 – Hallux valgus has become one of the most common foot conditions. According to estimations, approximately 10 million people in Germany are affected, most of them women in their 4th – 6th decade. Up to now, conservative treatment of the malpositioning by means of an orthosis was limited. With the aid of the newly developed dynamic splint system “Bunion Aid™”, malpositioning can be statistically significantly corrected to normal values. This is the result of a comparative radiological study of a rigid hallux valgus night-splint and the new dynamic splint system Bunion Aid™ for the correction of hallux valgus, performed by Ass. Professor, Dr. med. Dr. med. habil. Klaus A. Milachowski from Munich.

Bunion correction of hallux valgus with Bunion Aid™

In the study 20 cases of light to moderate hallux valgus were examined. The results of the radiological examinations displayed that the malpositioning can be corrected with a conventional night splint as well as with the dynamic Bunion Aid™ splint, however, with Bunion Aid™ the malpositioning could be corrected to normal values. Initially, the hallux valgus angle had an average of 28.8º. The night splint allowed a reduction to an average of 18.4°, whereas with Bunion Aid™ the average value was only 11.6°.

According to Assistant Professor Dr. Dr. Klaus A. Milachowski, “The radiological studies prove that in the case of light to moderate hallux valgus it is actually possible to correct the hallux valgus angle with a rigid night splint as well as with the dynamic Bunion Aid™ orthosis, however an improvement of the malpositioning to normal values results only when the dynamic Hallufix splint in used”.

Further study results show a significant improvement in the case of splayfoot

A further result of the study is that the intermetatarsal angle could be corrected in the case of splayfoot. With the Hallufix splint, which simultaneously acts as a metatarsal bandage, it could statistically significantly be corrected from an average of 16° down to 10.2°. The night splint only allowed a statistically insignificant mild average correction to 13°.

“In summary, the studies show that a hallux valgus malpositioning can be corrected to normal values by means of the newly developed Bunion Aid™ splint”, explains Assistant Professor Dr. Dr. Klaus A. Milachowski. “Due to the improved wear comfort as a day and night splint and the simultaneous correction of splayfoot, Bunion Aid™ is particularly suitable for conservative treatment. „Thus, Ass. Prof. Dr. Dr. Milachowski continues to explain, an operation may possibly be avoided. Allowing for the contraindications that apply to all ortheses, the splint can be absolutely recommended for the conservative treatment of hallux valgus when contracture has not occurred and the patients are properly motivated".

Information for the editorial staff:

The splint system Bunion Aid™ was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and is an internationally patented dynamic orthosis with an incorporated joint at bunion level for the treatment and correction of big toe malpositioning in cases of light to moderate hallux valgus. The dynamic splint is designed as a day and night splint and can also be worn in comfortable wide-fitting shoes.

The results of the study cited in this press release are available upon request.

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