In spite of Hallux valgus

Active and mobile in spite of Hallux valgus

The new Bunion Aid™ splint system has an innovative joint design for use under load athletic peak performances in the Himalayas and recreational activities are now possible again in spite of Hallux valgus

Munich, 9 July 2007 Summertime is the most active time of the year. Unfortunately, numerous people suffering from Hallux valgus, also known as bunion, are hardly able to walk. In Germany, about 10 million people, mainly women, are affected by the malpositioning of the toe. Initially, the problem is frequently considered an unaesthetic bump at the ball of the big toe, however, as the illness progresses it can lead to increasingly intense swelling, inflammation, incorrect loading and pain. Besides that, a pronounced Hallux valgus hardly fits into any shoe. Frequently, the mobility of those affected is severely limited.

Bunion Aid™, a novel and internationally patented splint system, provides relief. It was developed in cooperation with physicians, orthopedist technicians and the Fraunhofer Institute and provides relief to those afflicted by Hallux valgus. The splint system is fastened to the foot with a hook & loop bandage, it stabilizes the foot, relieves the painful bunion and continuously corrects the malpositioning. Thanks to a novel joint design at bunion level, the base joint of the big toe can move freely. Therefore, Bunion Aid™ cannot only be worn at night but also during the day while in movement. Due to its flat design, the flat splint fits into almost every shoe.

Active life thanks to hallux valgus treatment

In spite of Hallux valgus, Bunion Aid™ offers many of those affected an active life with a lot of movement again. This was also the case for Walter Biberger from Munich who, without difficulty, accomplished a 16-day hiking tour in the Himalayas wearing Bunion Aid™. The thin splint smoothly fit into his hiking boots and the flexible joint permitted him uncomplicated use of the corrective splint even under the daily load while walking. He walked a total distance of 135 km, achieved an altitude difference of 11,000 m and walked for about six to eight hours every day sometimes at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. Thanks to Bunion Aid™I could make a lifetime dream come true,“ Walter Biberger joyfully explains. I wore Bunion Aid™ during the entire hike and walking was totally uncomplicated and free of pai, he continues.

Rosemarie Widman of Markt Schwaben near Munich has also been suffering from Hallux valgus pains for nearly 15 years. Most recently, the passionate hobby athlete had to do without her favorite hobbies like in-line skating or riding bicycle. Thanks to Bunion Aid™ she can now be active at sports once again. "After wearing Bunion Aid™ for merely three weeks my condition improved considerably. Today I can lead an active life without any problems", she sums up.

Early use advised for bunion correction

According to experts, Hallux valgus develops due to a combination of an inherited disposition, a tendency towards weak supporting and connective tissue and a muscular imbalance. Malpositioning is enhanced by wearing of too tight, too pointy and too small shoes, however the deformation is not caused by that.

Orthopedists therefore advise an early use of Bunion Aid™ in case of Hallux valgus in order to counteract further progression of the malpositioning. Even in the case of light to medium occurrence of bunion, pain can be relieved and progression of big toe malpositioning counteracted. Observational studies and case reports demonstrate a pronounced reduction of post-operative rehab-time and a very good stabilization of the surgical correction of the toeÂ’s position following a Hallux valgus operation when Bunion Aid™ is used.

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Bunion Aid™ is available as one-size-fits-all and will fit both left and right feet. The splint is available in drugstores, pharmacies and at

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Bunion Aid™ is a newly developed and internationally patented orthosis for the effective treatment and correction of big toe malpositioning in the case of Hallux valgus. The dynamic splint is fastened to the foot by means of a toe and metatarsal bandage, it supports the transversal arch and additionally supports the metatarsus by means of a pad. The metatarsus is optimally stabilized, the painful bunion relieved, the toe malpositioning is corrected and the foot is brought back to its natural shape and maintained that way. By means of an incorporated joint at bunion level the base joint of the big toe can move naturally. Thus, contrary to rigid Hallux valgus night splints common in the market, Bunion Aid™ can also be worn during the day while you are walking. Due to its flat design Bunion Aid™ fits into almost any shoe.

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