Hallux Valgus - bunion pain secret

 Help for Hallux valgus – bunion pain is the secret problem

The new splint system Bunion Aid™ “offers effective help and pain relief for the most common malpositioning of the big toe – over 10 million people are affected, about 80 % of them are women – Bunion Aid™ can be worn in almost any shoe during the day

Munich, 12 March 2007 – Hardly anyone knows its name, that is why “Hallux valgus“, also known as “bunion”, is Germany’s secret common condition, with more than 10 million people affected, about 80 % of them are women. This technical term designates one of the most common malpositionings of the foot. In this case, the big toe deviates outwards and the corresponding metatarsal bone and capitulum, the “bunion“, on the inside of the foot visibly protrude. At the outset this malpositioning of the toe is normally perceived as merely a cosmetic problem. In time, inflammation and swelling of the bunion, false loading and the onset of arthrosis can cause strong pain. "A pronounced Hallux valgus will hardly fit into a normal shoe“, explains the orthopedist and Assistant Professor Dr. Dr. Klaus A. Milachowski of Munich. “Many patients already start complaining about the pain at an early age.“

Effective help for Hallux valgus

The newly developed and internationally patented splint system Bunion Aid™, which was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute to correct malpositioning of the big toe, now provides effective help for Hallux valgus. The dynamic splint is fastened to the foot by means of a toe and metatarsal bandage, it supports the transversal arch and additionally supports the metatarsus by means of a pad. The metatarsus is optimally stabilized, the painful bunion relieved, the toe malpositioning is corrected and the foot is brought back to its natural shape and maintained that way.

The whole point of Bunion Aid™: “The base joint of the big toe can move naturally due to an incorporated joint at bunion level“, explains Axel Krauss, orthopedics technician and one of the inventors of the new Hallux valgus splint. „Thus - contrary to rigid Hallux valgus night splints common in the market - Bunion Aid™ can also be worn during the day while you are walking. “Another special feature of Bunion Aid™“ is that the splint can easily be worn in almost any shoe due to its flat design. ”Thus the deformed foot is continuously corrected – even while walking“, adds Marion Stolbinger, Head of Sales and Marketing of Hallufix AG, Munich.

Early use advised for bunion correction

Besides an inherited predisposition, the reason for the development of a Hallux valgus is, among other things, a combination of an inherited disposition, a tendency towards weak supporting and connective tissue and a muscular imbalance. Malpositioning is enhanced by wearing of too tight, too pointy and too small shoes, however the deformation is not caused by that.

Assistant Professor Dr. Dr. Milachowski therefore advises an early use of Bunion Aid™ in case of Hallux valgus in order to counteract further progression of the malpositioning: “In the case of light to medium occurrence of bunion, early use of Bunion Aid™ relieves pain and counteracts progression of big toe malpositioning. “Studies demonstrate a pronounced reduction of post-operative rehab-time and a very good stabilization of the surgical correction of the toe’s position following a Hallux valgus operation. “

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