Bunion Aid®Treatment Splint

    Stop Bunion Pain Now

  • •  Wear the splint around the house
  • •  Even wear it while you sleep
  • •  Easy to use. One size fits most
  • •  Straighten your big toe
  • •  Relieve foot pain
  • $59.95

Bunion Aid® Post Surgery Splint

    Help your feet after bunion surgery

  • •  Bunion Aid® splint gently holds surgical fixation
  • •  Bunion splint optimizes pressure distribution
  • •  Protects your irritated tissue
  • •  Easy to use bunion splint
  • •  FDA registered
  • $59.95

Bunion-Aid® Testimonials

Get rid of bunion pain now and avoid bunion surgery!

About Bunion Aid® Treatment Products

Bunion-Aid® relieves your bunion pain right away. The cushioned hinged splint is so amazingly comfortable you’ll wear it often. The more you wear it, the better your feet feel!

How does Bunion Aid take away your Hallux valgus pain? It stabilizes your arches while pulling the big toe away from the second toe. This flexible bunion splint with soft, adjustable straps is a breakthrough innovation from Germany!

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or unproven products. Bunion-Aid is the only podiatrist recommended splint that is proven to effectively correct bunions. Click here for some of Bunion-Aid's Clinical Studies and Podiatrist Recommendations!

If you do need bunion surgery, use this day and night splint afterwards to avoid your bunion deformity from reappearing.

Don’t wait. Try Bunion Aid today for fast relief!

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