Prepare For Autumn Hikes With Supportive Foot Braces And Splints

Get the most enjoyment of the fall colors by preventing foot pain.

Tiburon, CA – September 7, 2010 – Alpha Orthotics Corp. encourages the use of supportive foot braces and splints prior, during, or after hiking among the autumn colors.  In the cases of bunions, fallen arches, and splayfoot wearing adjustable supportive orthotics with metatarsal pads can help relieve pain that may occur while hiking and walking.

Bunion pain, a common foot disorder, can interfere with the enjoyment of outdoor hiking and walking. However, hikers and walkersWalk into bunion relief should consider treating their bunion prior to the hike and after the hike. The flexible hinged splint, Bunion Aid®, realigns the mal-positioning of the big toe while walking, correcting the bunion through the range of motion. By straightening the big toe prior to the hike and redistributing pressure away from the sensitive area of the bunion, walking in hiking shoes is more comfortable.  After a long day’s hike, wearing Bunion Aid eliminates pressure on the bunion and helps relieve pain.

Donna Egeberg, Manager of Customer Service, notes, “We have had several customers who did not enjoy hiking due to their foot pain. Now that they can wear Bunion Aid before and after hiking, they know they can go on a hike, get instant relief, and be more active on a regular basis.”

Fallen (collapsed) arches and splayfoot caused by general foot stress and strain are other common complaints among walkers and hikers. Wearing proper supportive insoles is the most common treatment for addressing Walk with adjustable arch supportthese issues. However, wearing the Medial Mid-foot Brace by Alpha Orthotics in conjunction with orthotic support provides optimum stabilization to the longitudinal arch. The adjustable brace is strapped around the mid-foot rather than being inserted into the shoe. The brace provides an inward and upward support to the mid-foot and is easy to adjust while on the hike. The metatarsal pad, also easy to adjust, re-establishes the metatarsal arch, providing lift to the transverse arch and distributing pressure to the ball of the foot.

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