European Bunion Aid™ Launches in United States

German-engineered day/night hinged splint for painful “bunions” offers return to active lifestyle.

San Francisco, CA – October 29, 2008Hallux valgus, also called “bunion”, is one of the most frequent and most painful dysfunctions of the foot. In the United States about 76 million people are affected, 80% of them are women. 

Alpha Orthotics Corporation ( announced today the launch of its hinged splint system Bunion Aid in the United States. Bunion Aid, helps relieve pain and corrects mild to moderate mal-positioning of the big toe while walking. The unique Bunion Aid design is the result of the collaboration between orthopedists, orthopedic technicians and scientists, and has been internationally patented.  One size fits all and the same device can be worn on either the right or left foot.  The splint is available online through the Alpha Orthotics website ( and through select retailers and podiatrists nationwide at a suggested retail price of $59.95. 

“We are pleased to launch what has been a very successful product in Europe into the United States”, stated Gaby Federal, President of Alpha Orthotics Corporation. “Bunion Aid has brought comfort and correction to thousands in Europe, and we are looking forward to the same success in the US market.”  

How Bunion Aid™ Works

Bunion Aid is a combination of a medical-grade plastic splint and  velcro-fastening metatarsal and toe straps. The plastic portion of the splint is hinged and fastened along the inside border of the foot with a toe and metatarsal strap. The straps and the splint provide three-point correction of the bunion deformity though-out the gait cycle. The metatarsal arch is optimally stabilized, the bunion relieved, the mal-positioning of the toe corrected and the foot brought back and held in its natural position. With the help of Bunion Aid, a mild to moderate bunion can be corrected  and the natural flexing action of the big toe can be restored free of pain.  The thin-profile Bunion Aid splint is made of fatigue-resistant material and can be worn comfortably in most walking shoes. Clinical studies in Europe have also shown that Bunion Aid secures surgical results and shortens post-operative rehab time.

About Hallux Valgus or “Bunions”

Hallux valgus forces the big toe outward, which causes the metatarsal bone and the metatarsal capitulum to protrude.  Initially a cosmetic problem, in due time serious pain can develop. Inflammation and swelling of the ball, incorrect loading and initial joint attrition (arthrosis) can lead to strong and persistent pain.  The reasons for the development of hallux valgus are an inherited predisposition, a tendency towards weak supporting and connective tissue or muscular imbalance. Mal-positioning  is aggravated by too tight, too pointed and too small shoes.  Hallux valgus patients traditionally have been treated with surgery or rigid night splints.

About Alpha Orthotics Corporation USA 

Alpha Orthotics ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of German Hallufix Corporation   Alpha Orthotics markets and sells patented, German-engineered non-invasive orthodic products directly to consumers and to the medical community.

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